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Duo Coaching:
Crucial Relationships
Critical to Success

Are you or your business stuck and suffering because of interpersonal problems between two of your key very senior people? Maybe you are one of the two, and too close to the problem?

You need to know if personality clashes or breakdowns in crucial work relationships between your two colleagues can be repaired or contained (or not), so that you can be released to act.   

We restore your natural business focus by resolving those intransigent people issues that are holding you and your business back. This could be a major personality clash, communication stand-off or your intuition that something is wrong inside the top team.


This is even more important if you are embarking on a Change Programme. With up to 70% of change initatives failing,  you need your leadership team aligned, and speaking with 'one voice'.


We work exclusively with CEO's, Directors, Partners and very Senior Managers or Academics, in any size of organisation from any sector, on the breakdown of a working relationship between two people critical to the business. Our aim is to get relationships in tune, despite inherant differences.


People problems are universal - solutions are bespoke. We have developed an innovative way of working two on two to get to the heart of the problems rapidly and then create highly effective solutions.

What is your problem?


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Business Duo Coaching: Resolving crucial relationships, critical for ongoing success.

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