How We Do It

Our aim is to help you move on from those very tricky interpersonal problems to create a new, fulfilling and sustainable work relationship. 


The way we do it is:

  • There are two of us working with two of you

  • We help you agree on how you want the relationship between you to work for the good each of you as individuals and for the business overall. If you have concerns about what we report, look at our Q&A

  • We then create a safe environment where we can work with you both to identify how your interactions currently fail, and how these patterns can be changed for the better. There is no blame; just experiences to be learned from

  • You are both involved, listened to and supported throughout as you face the prospect of changing unhelpful patterns and ways of working

  • We see the relationship as having a number of facets, public and private. We work on all these facets to help you gain a co-operative partnership for the future

  • Each face-to-face session is a blend of working ‘two with two’ and separately, ‘one with one’

  • Two with two’ working deconstructs the blockages and creates new, constructive ways of communicating with each other

  • The ‘one with one’ allows personal concerns and individual issues pertinent to the business relationship to be addressed in privacy

  • Rest assured, anything ‘private’ stays ‘private’. We are very discreet

  • While our focus is building a functional working relationship between the two of you, we often use ‘live’ business issues. Among the benefits is often solutions, new ideas and collaboration on broader business initiatives

  • We work very intensively, to get you both to a better place as quickly as possible

  • The sessions will be as long as they need to be, to end at a place which is good for you and shows significant progress from where you started

  • We will only work with you if both of you are prepared to be present. We cannot work on only one side of an interpersonal problem

  • If either of you need to consult with us in quieter times of your day or while out of the country, we make ourselves available by phone, Skype, text or email out of ‘normal office hours’, 24/7

We have a wide range of skills, experiences and tools and will use whatever is best in the moment. 

The winds and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.
Edward Gibbon