Who We Are

Us as a company

We're a niche company specialising in resolving boardroom or very senior level relationship issues that might otherwise hold back or even split businesses.


We're small, with only the two of us, but that's all you'll need to find a way to move on past personality differences to operating more effectively in the future.


Small doesn't mean beautiful in our case, as you can see from our photos, but our results can be. Have a chat with us for our thoughts on creating a solution for you.


Small means:

Accessibility Accomplishment Achievement Adventure Agility Alertness Altruism Ambition Amusement Approachability Availability Awareness Balance Being the Best Boldness Calmness Challenge Clarity Compassion Confidence Confidentiality Consciousness Courage Daring Decisiveness Delight Direction Discretion Drive Effectiveness Empathy Enthusiasm Excellence Exhilaration Fearlessness Flexibility Flourish Focus Flow Frankness Freedom Fun Giving Growth Guidance Happiness Harmony Honesty Humour Imagination Impact Impartiality Independence Innovation Insightfulness Integrity Intuition Inventiveness Joy Knowledge Laughter Leadership Love Making a Difference Mindfulness Motivation Nerve Passion Peace Perseverance Playfulness Pragmatism Professionalism Prosperity Quality Realism Resourcefulness Resilience Security Service Skillfulness Significance Spontaneity Success Teamwork Thoughtfulness Vision Wisdom Winning


Our experiences include:

  • Running substantial companies

  • Starting up several businesses
  • MBI's and MBO's
  • Strategy consultancy to major organisations

  • Coaching CEO’s

  • Coaching Olympic and international sportspeople

  • Coaching couples with relationship difficulties

  • Working with people of different cultures across national boundaries


Our Standards

We maintain the highest professional standards.  We participate in regular supervision with leading coaches and devote a significant proportion of our time to continuing professional development and research.  

We are members of key professional bodies including The Professional Guild of NLP and the Association for Coaching.

The minute you start talking about what youre going to do if you lose, you have lost.
George Schultz