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Having both built up your business from the beginning, and worked successfully together through many crises, it should be simple to sort this out now.  But it's just not.

Storm cloud coming

You both set up your company jointly with a fair split of shareholdings and inputs.  Since then the whole enterprise has grown substantially and after working closely together in the early, exciting days, you now have a different structure and way of working.


An unhappy black cloud is looming over you both. One of you is challenging the original agreement as they are doing most of the work, and believes the disproportionate rewards for current inputs are unfair.  The other has a different point of view, and gives heavier weight to past commitment of both time and money.

No easy way through this one

One or both of you have tried to talk about it but got nowhere.  Or you just don’t know how to raise it and your frustration and resentment is simmering away.  

Buying your partner out is a consideration but one doesn’t want to sell or the other can’t afford the price.  Or this may be the choice of last resort, and another solution would be preferable.  But there’s all the past personal investment to get round first.  And that’s decidedly tricky.

How can you resolve this and achieve an equitable solution that is agreeable to both? Get in touch with us to see what possibilities might be explored.

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