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Business as well as Life Partner

Some years ago you both started a business together, which has grown very satisfactorily over time. Now time and circumstances have put pressure on one or other parts of your lives together, or maybe both at the same time.

Life changes

Since those exciting early days, both your home and business lives have changed to accommodate the needs of each part of your life.  You may both still be active partners or board members, or possibly one of you has taken a sleeping role – perhaps once you started a family, or moved to a different career.

Now things are very difficult

Perhaps the issues between you have escalated into a crisis.  You may be experiencing purely private difficulties, and like any couple there are many situations that can conspire to drive you apart. Or maybe the root cause is with the business itself, or the lifestyle it demands. Life is very stressful for both of you right now.


It may be that you have both decided to end your personal relationship, but a clean break is impossible while both of your futures are tied to the company’s financial security. Functioning together as a working partnership is intolerable but must be done.

You need to limit the damage

And not just to your own lives. If there is tension between you, it will impact on your fellow Directors.  A major professional or personal crisis needs to get resolved before it contaminates other essential working relationships.  Quick resolution and discretion are needed.

The question is – how? Get in touch with us to gather thoughts on how to get through this with the essentials intact.

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Abraham Lincoln