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Business Visions Drifting Apart

In the beginning you all had shared dreams and goals for your business. And a great idea.


Since that time the business has grown and developed and external circumstances have put all sorts of pressures on the business, and on you, the founders.

Changes are needed

You have managed to cope with all of these changes and pressures and, to enable the business to continue to progress, significant changes are needed. You are clear about what is needed but the others don't agree, and you are out of tune with each other.

Heading in the right direction....

You are now feeling that you are in one boat heading in the right direction and other(s) are wanting to steer a different course or even to be in a different boat.

It is important to find out why this is happening as quickly as possible and then to create a sustainable solution.

Do you know who is with you and do you know who and why are wanting to go in a different direction?  If not, and you need to find out if you possibly can, have a word with us about what might be done in your situation.

We could never learn to be brave and patient if there were only joy in the world.
Helen Keller