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Family Business Relationship Issues

When you first got involved in the business you all had shared dreams and goals for your business. Or at least you were willing to go with the flow.


The roles and structure that were there enabled the business to grow and all members of the family that were involved in the business seemed to be in tune.

Changing dynamics

Since that time the business has grown and developed and external circumstances have put all sorts of pressures on the business. What has changed is the relationship between family members involved in the business. Maybe one is no longer pulling their weight or there are succession issues with one being reluctant to hand over the reins to the younger generation.

Unresolved? Collision coming?

These issues may have been discussed openly and no agreement reached or maybe there is simmering resentment behind the scenes and different factions growing.

What can you do to protect the business and the relationships between family members? If you can't see a way of sorting this out 'in house' give us a call to help you think what might be possible in the circumstances.

The minute you start talking about what youre going to do if you lose, you have lost.
George Schultz