Your Team is 'Stuck'

Your intuition is good and you know that something is wrong. It's something to do with how the whole team works together (or not). But how to shift the dynamics of the entire group?

The solution is eluding you

Your top team is not performing as well as they should be and the relationships and dynamics between them are not right. Try as hard as you can, you cannot put your finger on it. Things just remain stuck.


Changing Dynamics


Our Team Constellations approach helps to free your team from ‘stuckness’ by unearthing (to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld) those ‘unknown unknowns’ and ‘unknown knowns’ in the dynamics within teams or across teams at work.


Working with a group of between six and twelve people we facilitate what is known as a Systemic Constellation which can quickly unearth what the real relationship problems are, find solutions to resolve these and then create a coherent team with a shared approach to the future.

Dealing with one team and dealing with one major issue we will typically hold a half day workshop with several follow up sessions.

Contact us to explore how this will best work to free your teams from being gridlocked in poor performance.

Live your dream. Not dream your life.
Rashpal Singh Gill