Feedback from some of the people that we have worked with includes:


We liked the unique service of two of you working with two of us.  From Day 1 the journey has turned into a positive one rather than negative. You are both very skilled but in different ways.

Neil and Cathy work fabulously together. They have great complementary skills that mean you get a well rounded approach with real results. It is definitely a case of two heads being better than one. Your best qualities are caring, understanding, being relaxing to be with, thought provoking, listening, remembering and genuinely caring.


We appreciate the secure, calming, revealing, educational and problem solving sessions. Your qualities include listening, firm but kind, versatile, able to adapt, genuinely caring, being outcome based to create real, practical results.


After just one session we now know with real clarity what the fundamental issues are and are on the way to resolving them.


Together you create outcome-based real results. You have helped by giving us practical skills to take back into real life.  You both have an amazing ability to help uncover the real reasons for our behaviours and actions without us feeling ‘bad’ about it. Once something from the past is ‘discovered’ it is not over analysed but used in a positive sense to take things forward not backwards. You are firm, to the point, with great ‘on the hop’ skills....and kind.


It is massively beneficial to have both a male and a female coaching us at the same time.


Having met you we knew that we were in safe hands and had made the right decision.


The knowledge that we can email and phone you between sessions to get your support is hugely beneficial and makes us feel really supported.


We started in a very bad place and I didn't think our working relationship could continue, although I really wanted it to.  We are now very happy with where we are going and have made huge steps forward. 


The journey is still tough but it is so much easier when there is a safe place to talk, to share and not shout or be shouted at.


This is the first time in years that we have bared all.  Without this, we wouldn't be working together at all.  The balance of the future is now much greater than to the past. 


Before we would have screamed and shouted at each other; now we are talking like grown ups. We are now in a really positive place and I know we'll never go back to how things were in the past.


There is now real empathy between us. I can now be much more open about my emotions and know that I will be supported. I can enjoy, laugh and take the rough with the smooth.


Cathy and Neil have helped us learn a great deal about ourselves. Duo Coaching worked for us as it provided a balanced view of our problems and allowed us to discuss them openly without feeling like either one of us was being judged or blamed. They have clearly worked incredibly hard, both in the sessions and in comparing notes and planning a way forward for the next session. They provided a comfortable and relaxed environment for us to openly discuss some difficult issues both in open forum and in one on one break outs and have given us the tools to continue to grow. During the time we have known them they have been flexible and often gone further than they needed to to support us through some very difficult times. We are very glad to have met them, really pleased that they cared, and highly recommend their innovative and understanding approach to coaching.

The important thing is this: To be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.
Charles DuBois