Your problem is...

You have a breakdown of critical work relationships between two colleagues on your hands.  Maybe there's a really tricky personality clash or perhaps a difference of outlook that has got very personal between the two. Perhaps you just know intuitively that something's wrong, but can't be certain what it is.  And if you are one of the people, that's making life even harder. 

Currently you are stuck and distracted from your normal focus.  You need to know if the situation can be resolved or not without more radical action which carries downsides with it.

A typical scenario could be:

  • Both parties agree to disagree and leave it in the past, leaving a legacy of silence or resentment that constrains future collaboration

  • The issues raised continue seething in the background, ready to flare up again if touched on

  • The natural competitive dynamics of business can cause fractures in the Board or Senior Management as the different points of view gather support from others, creating opposing camps

  • Maybe a public meltdown threatens, to the potential detriment to not just the main protagonists but loss of shareholder trust, putting the company’s future at risk

What normally happens next

You need to resolve these interpersonal differences for the good of all concerned, not least yourself. You’ve tried what you can using all the wealth of your experience, but you are part of the problem and you know you need intervention from someone else. Perhaps attempts can be made through the intervention of a ‘friendly face’ of similar status – maybe another director with good mediation skills, or by tasking the HR Director to set up mediation between you. Perhaps you try a Team Building activity for the whole Board. 

Yet in reality, the really difficult situations are only finally resolved when one or other leaves. At best, that leaves the board unsettled and bereft of key skills and attributes needed by the business, with the potential prospect of a long recruitment process. At worst, the situation may have turned very nasty indeed, and impacting all levels, internal and external, with long term implications for the leadership.

What Business Duo Coaching will do instead

We work with both people to ensure that both are listened to and each other's views and experiences heard and respected. Then we help move both out of gridlock back into action, in ways where each will have discovered more productive ways of working together in the future. Go see how we do this.

The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.
Henri Bergson