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Questions & Answers

  • Why should I come to you?


We resolve the ‘hot’ interpersonal issues between two people at the top of business that others can’t touch and we are specialists in what we do. We have a unique and highly effective approach derived from our breadth of business and professional experience and skills. We resolve those crucial relationships so critical to success.


  • I want to use your services to resolve problem between two of my Directors. I do want to be kept informed of progress. What will you tell me?


We will agree with you a reporting frequency and an overview of the situation as we find it. Bear in mind that we do make a commitment of confidentiality to our clients, should they want it. If we are told private information that is pertinent to the business situation, then we do encourage our client(s) to disclose this in a manner that allows you to act while protecting the client.  However, be aware that we cannot insist on this.


  • What happens if this Business Duo Coaching just doesn’t work? Do we have to continue paying you?


We regularly review with our clients’ progress towards the agreed outcomes. If it isn’t working, we will discuss with all relevant parties what is happening and what would be needed for our intervention to be effective.  If this does not resolve the situation we will end the process and only charge for the work incurred to that point.  


  • What if part of the problem is something intensely personal to me? Do I have to divulge it?  Who will you tell? 


We do not divulge anything of a private nature without our client’s permission.  However, we do need to be told what you consider private, and what is not. You do not have to divulge anything, but in the spirit of helping the company and making the process work, you will be encouraged to talk to us about anything that may be pertinent to the situation. We then agree with you what and to whom we can then share this information with, if appropriate. We recognise that the working arena may not be fully supportive at times, and will help guide your way through times of personal difficulty.


  • There are more than two people involved.  Can you handle this?


Sometimes we can, sometimes we can't. If the main problem is between two people with the upshot, whatever that turns out to be, impacting a bigger group and that impact needs to be handled with finesse, then we can readily handle that with the techniques we have. If the problems are more general within the team, then we would bring a suitable team-building company to help manage the bigger processes while staying involved to ensure continuity and responsibility.


  • I have things in my past that I am uncertain about, and I'm unhappy about digging up again.


Disturbing memories might be touched on in the process. If they do, ‘touch’ is all you’ll do as we believe that wallowing in pain is not helpful. We'll help you handle anything that comes up in safety so that you can resume your life with confidence. Many people, even successful ones, have got skeltons in their deep sea lockers.


  • I am naturally ambitious and want to get the best out of the current situation for myself. I may not want to fully participate in this process.


We fully understand the need to have a competitive edge at times. If your restraint is holding back our process, and we believe we cannot go further, then we will inform all parties that the coaching must be terminated.  However, it is possible that we can find areas that mutual co-operation can be beneficial to both parties, if only for a short period of time, so we do encourage you to start with us at Business Duo Coaching to check out what you might otherwise be missing out on.


  • Where do you work?


We are based in Hampshire, in Southern England but can work around the world and are used to working with different nationalities and cultures.


  • What types of people do you work with?


We work with leaders of a wide variety of organisations of any size where there are relationship problems. We work with large multinationals, SME’s, Not for Profit organisations, family businesses, academic and research institutions as well as governments and quasi governmental bodies.


  • How much do you charge?


We offer a unique and premium service.  When we meet with you and have discussed the approach that will best work for you, we will give you a proposal including pricing.


  • What happens at the first meeting?


We invest the time to meet you to ensure that we understand the problems, their root cause and the best way of resolving these. That is why we prefer meeting face to face and ensuring that our proposal meets your needs. This meeting is normally non chargeable unless there is significant travel involved.


  • How do I contact you?


Ring +44 (0) 2381 680001

or email us at

(with a brief summary of the problem).


We are available to our clients seven days a week and aim to reply to initial enquiries within 24 hours


Real integrity is doing the right thing, knowing that nobody's going to know whether you did it or not.
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