Obamas in Love

Here's a couple in business who have no need of our services!  Certainly the Obamas have a greater challenge than most in the effort to keep America Inc. afloat.  It is for moments like this in our clients lives, either now or in the future, that we work couples who work professionally together as well as their private lives.


From the Guardian 9Nov12

Obamas in love: the most retweeted moment in history

When Barack Obama tweeted an emotional image of him embracing his wife, Michelle, it offered proof that the US of Steve Jobs and the future had defeated that of Donald Trump.

Barack Obama hugs his wife Michelle
Emotional intelligence … The popularity on Twitter of the Obamas' victory embrace indicates his support among younger people

The story of Barack Obama's re-election is the story of how real people, real voters, have expressed a relationship with this man that defies the cynicism, bias and outright prejudice of the official media, who either wrote him off or saw him as the best of a bad choice. This photograph tells the true story, for it goes to the deep admiration and affection Obama inspires in so many of us – around the world as well as in the US.

Obama celebrated his election victory this week by immediately tweeting an emotional photograph of him and his wife, Michelle, embracing, and it has become the most re-tweeted picture in history. That's partly because it captures his humanity and the sincerity of his love for his family, his wife and daughters, to whom he paid lavish tribute in his eloquent victor's speech.

It also indicates the nature of his support: younger people who tweet, as opposed to older folk who go hunting. Obama is on the right side of history, and that includes the technological future. In this election, the America of Steve Jobs defeated that of Donald Trump.

Above all, the enthusiastic re-tweeting of this photograph indicates how deeply most television and newspaper reports and commentaries got the 2012 presidential election wrong. They became blind to the authenticity of Obama, and the faith such a quality can still inspire. It's an intimate picture: in sharing it with the world, he expressed a trust in people. This is what the moment means for him – it means Michelle continuing as first lady for, as he said emotionally in his winner's speech in Chicago, the nation has come to share his love for his wife. Wow. This man has emotional intelligence. And instead of mocking it, his voters understand. This is the Obamas' moment and everyone wants to share it. The Obamas in love: most retweeted moment in history.



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