The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

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Its interesting to us because of the advice runs contrary to the norm of "Fake it 'til you make it" with "Build a life centered on the belif that self-worth is not the same as net worth" and "Be emotionally honest..even at the office...(so you) connect more deeply with the people around you."


At times we find ourselves helping CEO's and founders just like the people here mentioned to handle both their situation and the office relationships which are crucial to the success of their business.  The big difference between our clients and others, is that they realise

  • They need and get help (maybe not so uncommon nowadays)
  • They recognise that just mediation between the two people is not the whole story.  Yes it fixes that issue, but what about future issues?

With us, we handle both the emotional and the practical, with both now and the future in mind.  Yes, there is a need to protect yourself and the company against bad news, but this doesn't always have to be taken to extremes where your health and welfare is damaged.


Read for yourself what the Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship is.

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