'The Fixer' for Family Businesses

BBC 2 has a very interesting series which should be required viewing for all those in family businesses - Alex Polizzi, The Fixer.  As she says, family businesses contribute one quarter of the British economy, and employ ten million people.  And in economic times like these, when business is tough and surviving is hard to do, managing both the family fortunes and misfortunes is really difficult for all concerned.

Alex Polizzi makes a good job of it, and it makes for fascinating watching.  She comes from the business angle, but with the street cred of having survived and still living in very successful family businesses.  We look at the relationship problems presented and when Alex looks desperate, knowing that's where we know we make the difference.  For we help to unlock those seemingly 'too difficult' interpersonal problems that get in the way so graphically of progress - helping the business builder progress the dream that birthed the business, assisting family members to step up to the mark where neccessary and rebalancing the roles and responsibilities, all the while giving the family tools to deal with conflict, strong opinions and emotional upsets.  

So much comes down to trust.  And that's what we help create between people.  We are not "Alex Polizzi's' - after all she is in a class of her own - but we believe that fixing the basic relationships in a family business will empower everyone to then go forward, striving to do what they all do best.  Relationship building -  what we do best.

There is nothing like a dream to create the future.
Victor Hugo