Mastering the Art of Change

In the current trading atmosphere, we find ourselves working with people who are changing something about the way they are doing business. Different market conditions can help generate excellent re-thinks on what is needed to take organisations forward.


And yet so often, such strategies fail. Up to 70% is one of the statistics bandied about. There can be faults in the plan itself, or in its implematation, but so often it is something to do with people.  And that's where we come in - a niche offering to tackle a specific and localised problem.


Ken Blanchard is one of the repected gurus on the subject of Change. He has developed nine specific leadership strategies to initiate, implement, develop and sustain change. Strategy No. 3 is succinct:

"Select and align the leadership team.

Effective changes requires teamwork, not dictatorship.

Teams chosen to lead change should represent a range of people from within your organisation - advocates of change and skeptics; formal and informal leaders - all working towards a compelling, inspiring and unified voice in favour of change.

Outcome: One Voice"


Should you be having difficulty between two people inside your Change Team who are not listening to reason and it is de-railing the work that needs doing, then talk to us. We help get those critical relationships into tune, so that the Team can speak with 'One Voice' and get the process back on track with conviction.


You can access the rest of Ken's excellent article "Mastering the Art of Change" here.

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